Higher Interleukin 13 differentiates patients with a positive history of suicide attempts in major depressive disorder

Published: 10 February 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ngx8m48vxf.1


Every 40 seconds one person dies from suicide worldwide, half of which are related to depression. Neuroinflammation has been reported in neuropsychiatricconditions, including major depressive disorder (MDD). Preliminary findings suggested a link between inflammation and suicidal behavior. Nevertheless,to the best of our knowledge, no previous study explored how a wide range of cytokines may differentiate lifetime suicidal behaviors (i.e. positive history of suicide attempts) in patients affected by MDD. In 28 healthy controls (HC), 28 MDD patients with a positive history of attempting suicide (SA), and 28 MDD patients with a negative history (nSA), we determined concentrations of immune analytes using an ultra-sensitive Pro Human Cytokine Group 27-Plex Panel and Chemokine immunoassay panels (Bioplex). To deal with the 27 highly correlated cytokines we applied two different statistical approaches that reduce the dimensionality of data: Principal Component Analysis, exploring if suicidality may be related to a comprehensive derived inflammatory state, and elastic-net penalized regression that allows considering as predictor every single cytokine. Biological data are not uploaded due to ethical restrictions. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jadr.2021.100254



Ospedale San Raffaele, Universita Vita Salute San Raffaele


Inflammation, Machine Learning, Suicide, Mood Disorder